Over several millenniums the river Wimbach ‘buried’ into the hard rocks and the Wimbach Gorge was created. In many places the water rushes down from the walls of the gorge and collects in pools made by stones and rocks brought down by the water.

Visitors can view this spectacle of nature from the impressively built wooden foot bridge . Wood labourers from Ramsau already built a foot bridge for transporting wood to the salt mine very early on. In 1843 these transports were stopped and as early as 1847 tourists were able to visit the gorge. Today approximately 100 000 visitors come here every year.

Golfplatz am Obersalzberg

In summer Berchtesgaden offers you plenty of opportunities to pursue your sporting ambitions: Apart from walking, mountain-biking, hiking, rafting, paragliding and inline-skating you can also play golf or go kayaking.


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